JULY i  is a Canadian based artist who has stylistically zig-zagged the last decade via outdoor stenciling, paste up, street installations, protest signs and graffiti, all the way to studio painting.

Classically trained, JULY i will often combine graffiti with the fine arts in her pieces. 

In 2005, she joined the environmental movement fighting the extinction of polar bears by crafting her own take on a polar bear signed “I disappear”. In the following years, this wake up manifesto was obsessively stenciled & pasted up all across North America.

Pointing out the ridiculous discrepancies between modern and wild life, the artist continued stenciling and free styling on topics surrounding environmental issues.

As a supporter of the Global March against Monsanto, JULY i was actively involved in all of Toronto’s marches since 2013 by painting protest signs for the protesters.

After taking 2015 off the streets and into the studio, today, JULY i’s work has matured into a ripe blend of street art forms, fine arts and paint printing techniques.